2022 Publications

The Safety First Association is the oldest occupational health and safety association in South Africa. It was founded in 1932 by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and the Mayor of Johannesburg. SAPEMA and National Safety have been working together now for close on 40 years to communicate the importance and correct application of PPE. To successfully accomplish this vision, we need continued input from our members.

SAPEMA appointed National Safety as its official mouthpiece because of National Safety’s solid foundation and long history in the industry being the oldest OH&S magazine in southern Africa. It is for this reason that we recommend all our members use National Safety as their preferred advertising medium. Due to the fact that National Safety is published by The Safety First Association – a non-profit organisation – their advertising rates are very competitive. Over and above this, SAPEMA members are entitled to a 5% discount on rates. We also encourage our members to submit articles for publication in National Safety for the SAPEMA pages.

2022 Publications

African OS&H: September/October 2022
African OS&H: July/August 2022
African OS&H: May/June 2022
African OS&H: March/April 2022
African OS&H: January/February 2022

2021 Publications

African OS&H: September/October 2021
African OS&H: July/August 2021
African OS&H: May/June 2021