The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) – Shutdown of SABS Groenkloof for maintenance

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies MP, appointed three Administrators as the Accounting Authority to do a diagnostic analysis of the current situation of the SABS and to develop and implement a turn-around strategy. This investigation uncovered, inter alia, that a critical impediment of the SABS not being able to provide adequate service to our customers was due to its aged plant infrastructure and inadequate preventative maintenance over the recent years, which adversely affects laboratory conditions and negatively impacts testing capacity.

As part of the SABS turn-around plan, the institution needs to conduct emergency repairs to ensure continued stable laboratory conditions. These critical repairs will require a shutdown of the plant room and no testing services will be available during this period. To minimise the impact to you our valuable customer, this emergency repairs will be conducted between 14 December 2018 to 7 January 2019.

The Administrators have also set aside additional funds to completely upgrade this aged plant infrastructure and the work will commence in 2019 with minimum disruptions.

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Petrus Shivambu
Customer Services